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Researching Maritime Literary Culture with Students

At sea, through texts, and in virtual spaces

Editing The Young Idea

The Young Idea: A Naval Journal Edited on Board the H.M.S. Chesapeake in 1857, 1858 & 1859 is a weekly paper edited by A.D. McArthur (a...
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Practice-Based Research at Sea

Two hours before the debut performance of the Niagara Amateurs, I was aloft on the foresail yard, sea stowing sail as our Captain steered Niagara through Presque...
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Rehearsal aboard Old Ironsides

This post also appears at the Log Lines blog of the USS Constitution Museum website. Think not, you play-goers and lovers of the drama, although...
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Reconstructing the Theatre Royal, HMS Chesapeake

This is my favorite image of a shipboard theatrical. It documents a performance aboard the HMS Perseus as the ship was harbored in Yokohama Bay, Japan in...
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Teaching and the Digital Humanities

Open, collaborative, and inclusive

A Virtual Space for Collaboration

Treatises abound on the evils of learning management systems, but my primary complaint has always been that the one at my institution traps instructional materials...
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Editing Pedagogy (etl;lte)

I think it's safe to call the distinction between writing to learn and learning to write one of the pillars of writing pedagogy. It is...
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Using and Producing OER: Adaptation Studies

Adaptation is a powerful tool in the literature classroom. What works well when teaching literature does not always work well when teaching writing, but I...
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Introducing Freshmen to the Digital Humanities

I've been building a class with humanities colleagues at the University of New Haven.
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